What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology uses evidence-based approaches, research and assessments to aid in the rehabilitation and enhancement of human performance. This exercise professional will also guide you in the prevention and management of chronic disease and injuries.

Tailored exercise programming based on your health and objectives.

All our sessions are combined with strategies implemented to optimize behavioural and lifestyle decisions. 

Ideal if you're looking to gain energy, strength, positive lifestyle habits and most of all a lasting healthy & active quality of life.


MOVEMINT positively enhances your health, lifestyle, and physical condition for lasting measurable results.


We provide tailored exercise & consulting services to individuals, small-groups, and businesses in the Greater Moncton area.


I came to Movemint to include kinesiology in my wellness routine with very specific issues that needed to be addressed.  Through a detailed assessment, we were able to target areas that needed attention. Over months of personally tailored sessions, I could see an active difference from when I started.  There was an improvement in my overall posture, and strength, and the pain that I had been constantly experiencing lessened considerably. I always looked forward to our sessions, and will miss them very much now that I have moved out of the region.

—  Dianne

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I believe preventive medicine is key to a healthy life. We regularly visit dentists for oral hygiene and family physicians for medical conditions. Movement, your physical condition, and your lifestyle habits are just other features in which we need to invest to ensure we achieve an energized quality of life, while reducing our risk for medical complications and muscular injuries.

Our exercise and consulting services are tailored to individuals,
small groups, and businesses in Greater Moncton. 

Hi, I'm Gabrielle Babineau, a Certified Kinesiologist, owner of MOVEMINT, and editor of MOVEMINT Magazine.


There's nothing that brings me more joy than being able to help others achieve their body's full potential.


Whether you're new to exercise, in post-rehabilitation or diagnosed with a medical condition, I can help you reach your objectives, your ideal lifestyle, for lasting results.

Thank you for visiting the site & here's to hoping we can cross path in the future!

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