• Gabrielle Babineau

3 Simple Exercises To Help You Improve Your Posture

If you work in an office and do a lot of desk work, if you have this slouched position...don't get me wrong we all get caught with it on some occasion.. and if you lack daily movement or exercises, these three exercises will be great for your body.

These exercises will activate postural stabilizers of the shoulders in just a few minutes. They are also a great addition to your dynamic warm up before your training. Equipment: Elastic Band **Note: If you currently have shoulder pain, avoid doing these exercises until you are pain free! Make sure you control your movement while doing the repetitions.

**While these exercises are great to help you improve your posture, being aware of your position/body alignment and making quick readjustment will go a long way in lowering your chances of pain and/or injuries. **

1. Band -- Over & Back

  • 2 sets X 10 repetitions

  • Control our movement

  • Maintain straight elbows and a neutral spinal position (neck ---> lower back)

Remember: If you're doing any movement compensation, you're going too far. Take a step back and keep practicing, your range of motion will progressively improve.

​2. Band -- Pull Apart

  • 2 sets X 10 repetitions

  • Begin with hands shoulder width apart (you can change the position depending on the thickness of your elastic band)

3. Band -- Face Pull

  • 2 sets X 10 repetitions

  • Place the band shoulder height

  • Try to maintain elbows shoulder height during the movement

Don't be shy to contact us if you would like to learn more exercises that can help you improve your posture, mobility and strength!

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