• Gabrielle Babineau

Is Your Sleeping Pattern Affecting Your Fitness?

Here are 4, very simplified, steps (to keep the text short), explaining why sleep is SO IMPORTANT! ** An optimal sleep is considered at ~ 7-8hrs/night.

1. Sleep = Builds Muscles Give your body the time it needs to repair. Did you know that 60-70% of your daily growth hormone secretion occurs during sleep? To break it down... sleep = an increase in muscle mass. (**REMEMBER, to obtain an increase in muscle mass, you need to make an actual workout ;)) Imagine if dreaming of doing exercises would give you the health benefits... ohhh the naps we would all take! 2. Sleep = Energy A lack of sleep has a similar effect as exhausting yourself from a high intensity workout. Imagine an accumulation of sleep deprivation... your body is in a constant battle to help you recover. 3. Sleep = Decreases your risk of injuries An increase in sleep = Decrease in muscle soreness. During sleep, your body releases essential enzymes & hormones that promote recovery and illness prevention. 4. Sleep has a big impact on weight loss Your cortisol level is up when your sleep goes down. Elevated cortisol = Cravings & Insulin release. To satisfy these cravings, usually you eat more, which means...fat storage is more likely to occur.


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