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Simple & Effective Training Tips

We all recognize the benefits of exercise, however we often get caught up in our daily life, and unfortunately, our training regularly hits the pause button. There will also be times where we crave a simple solution, something that will get us to our goals… in like 5 days-ish. We’re aware it’s unrealistic, but we have hope. Hope that we won’t really need to put in too much work to get the results. Yet, deep down our belief is not there, because we understand that for lasting change, it does take effort, and it probably won’t happen overnight.

In the beginning, and this also applies to many goals – not just exercise, we really need to keep it simple and focus on showing up.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your training program simple, yet very effective:

1. Minimalist training

Finding the minimum effective dose

  • What’s the least amount of training you can do to build strength and progress?

  • It will vary depending on your goals (are you aiming for general health? Do you have fitness goals or an event/competition coming up?)

Realistic Goals

  • Focus on ONE goal at a time. Look for the minimum effective dose.


  • What type of training do you need?

  • How often will you train?

2. Focus on a few training principles

Training Balance:

  • Train muscle groups and movements evenly for balanced development.

Progressive Overload:

  • You must overload your body’s current fitness level.

  • Lift 5 lbs more this week

  • Drop your rest periods by 15 sec.

  • Add one rep at the end of your set.

Training consistency:

  • Without consistency, you won’t get results. Stopping training completely is the worst mistake you can make.

Workout Quality:

  • Focus on the quality of each rep, set and workout.

Do less but do it BETTER!


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