• Gabrielle Babineau

The importance of having support

I LOVE talking to women… especially about life, health, and motherhood! No matter their present journey, whether it is trying to conceive, adopt, surrogacy, fostering, grieving a loss, being pregnant or postpartum; it is truly inspiring! I’m always humbled and amazed that each and every woman’s story is so personal and unique, yet similar… because no matter what journey she has taken to become a mother, there’s a deep connection and a love like no other that she shares with her child. There’s this universal understanding between mothers when they cross paths. A natural willingness to share and let go of barriers occurs. Why? Because it just feels good! For a woman embarking on this journey called motherhood, having a support group where you can listen, share and learn just feels GOOD. I truly believe it should be part of our prenatal and postnatal care. There are so many moments as a mother that you doubt yourself and speaking with other moms living through similar situations can be so freeing. For me personally, being able to share my struggles and my achievements with other moms helps me stay aware of my emotions and helps me focus on all the positive moments I share with my children instead of only focusing on the struggles. When times are tough, like during sleep regressions, cluster feedings, teething, etc, we often tend to focus on the negative outcomes of that present moment because it feels so intense. However being able to vent, share and laugh about these small moments in time with other moms, helps alleviate those short-term regressions and releases a lot of stress and anxiety. I also think it’s important to highlight the purpose for joining a support group is to connect and uplift. It is a space where women should feel safe to share their stories and learn from other mothers and should be absolutely free from mom-shaming (why does this exist anyways?). Motherhood is not perfection. Motherhood is raw, honest and flawed, yet so rewarding when we take the time to appreciate our accomplishments, our relationships and our connections. A gentle reminder for all us mothers to be gentle with our words, be kind with our hearts, and open with our ears. Every woman deserves to feel how she feels, every woman deserves to walk her own path. We’re blessed to live through these moments in time and I feel we are even more lucky to be able to share our experiences with other women and empower ourselves. So find someone that will listen, find someone that will not judge, that will say nothing, or say comforting and encouraging words. It’s so easy to doubt yourself when times are tough, and so hard to applaud yourself when they go right. Whatever your challenge may be, know that you will overcome it! If you’re looking for a support group, don’t be afraid to reach out because it is a guarantee that other mothers are going through similar challenges. If you don’t know where to find support groups or activities, send us a message! We’re more than happy to help you get connected! :)

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