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Stroller workout season is here

With summer around the corner, I thought it would be appropriate to share a few exercises that you can perform while you're heading out for a walk or run with your child in tow. They are appropriate for pregnant and postpartum women* and are easy to include anytime, anywhere. These exercises target the lower body, especially the glutes, and help strengthen the core and improve mobility… basically a full body workout! If you want to give these exercices a try, I suggest walking or running a few minutes beforehand (at least 5 minutes) to help warm-up your body for the upcoming exercises. Also, here are a few tips to help you stay safe while exercising outdoors this summer.

* If you are currently pregnant and feel any discomfort or have certain contraindications, please talk to your medical provider before participating in these exercises.

Helpful tips.

1- Always bring water (for you and Baby) to stay hydrated.

2- Bring a cell phone in case of emergency.

3- Bring a snack that has a good source of protein and carbohydrates.

4- Avoid doing a workout outside when it’s too warm out. Mornings or late afternoons are ideal times to avoid high UV rays.

5- Don’t forget sunscreen for Mama and Baby!

6- Oh… and don’t be shy. I promise your children will embarrass you a lot worse throughout your life than working out in public.

For the exercises below, you can choose according to your walking distance, when to begin your intervals. I prefer doing an exercise and immediately keep walking afterwards to keep my heart rate up and my legs moving (this would be considered your rest period). You can either time your “rest” period in between exercises or simply go with the flow and use checkpoints such as telephone poles, driveways, street lights, etc.

Exercise #1 - Squat and push

1- Start in a neutral position, feet shoulder width apart with both hands on stroller.

2- On inhale, lower into a seated squat position while pushing the stroller away from your body.

3- Exhale and push through your heels to standing position while rolling the stroller towards you.

15 squats - repeat 3x during walk.

Exercise #2 - Lunge walk

1- Start in a neutral position, with both hands on stroller.

2- Step left foot forward. On inhale, lower into a lunge, while pushing the stroller ahead.

3- On exhale, push through your support leg to standing and immediately step forward with opposite foot.

3- Repeat alternating legs.

15x each leg - repeat 3x during walk

Exercise #3 - Cursty lunge into side kick

1- Lock wheels of stroller.

2- Stand in neutral position, feet shoulder width apart, with both hands on stroller.

3- On inhale, step right foot back in a crossover motion and lower into a curtsy lunge (hence the name, lower as if you curtsey the queen).

4- On exhale, push through your support leg and continue into a sidekick (avoid leaning too much). **If you find the sidekick challenging, you can modify by coming to standing instead of a sidekick.

5- Return into a curtsy lunge and repeat.

10x each leg - repeat 3x during walk

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