• Gabrielle Babineau

The Waiting Game

On the final homestretch of pregnancy? Those last few weeks can feel so intense for a lot of women, not only physically but also mentally. Waiting to meet that little human that’s been growing the past 30+ weeks can bring feelings of anxiousness, impatience, restlessness, etc. It’s easy to get caught up in those feelings and let them overcome you. As hard as it may be to wait for that day to finally arrive, trust in your journey. You can help your mind stay in a positive and mindful state by practicing deep breathing techniques and positive affirmations, staying active, participating in activities that make you happy, and of course, communicating with your baby!

With the few weeks you have remaining, you can take some time to educate yourself about what’s to come during birth and recovery and ask questions to your healthcare providers and friends. Be comfortable and confident to ask the questions that you really want answers to (if you’re uncomfortable asking these questions, maybe your partner or a friend can ask these questions for you, or even reach out to me and I’ll try to help as best I can.). While Google has answers for EVERYTHING, remember that the sources aren’t always trustworthy and each woman has her own experience with childbirth and postpartum recovery. Health professionals have the knowledge and training to guide you through these special chapters in your life so take advantage of their services while you can! Now while you’re waiting for this little cutie to arrive, I WON’T tell you…

Sleep now because you won’t ever sleep again. Plan date nights because they don’t exist afterwards. Must be nice to still be able to __________. Oh you wait and see, that will change in a few weeks.

Just a few sayings I’ve heard over and over… BUT as annoying as they may be to hear, most often times, they come from a place of love... (from personal experience, it helps to take an extra breath before smiling). However, I will suggest that you try to be in the present moment as much as possible. These last few weeks may fly by for some, or feel like an eternity for others. Once baby arrives, there will be a shift in your being, your relationships, your daily routine, your thought process, etc. It will all become your new normal, but no one is to say what that new normal will be for you. Maybe you will sleep more than you thought you would, maybe you’ll be comfortable leaving the house sooner than later, and yes, maybe it will be a struggle. Nonetheless, embracing the thought of change is a positive step towards helping you transition more naturally into your new normal. And if the thought of giving birth leaves you feeling anxious, take a deep breath. Trust in your baby to know when he or she is ready to meet you. Trust in your body that it will be prepared for your birth experience ahead. And finally trust in yourself mama, you're on the homestretch, you got this!

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