This value is as important for my practice as it is for my clients.

As a kinesiologist, growth is the foundation of my practice. I’m constantly progressing, learning new tools, researching, and incorporating new exercises. I believe growth is an essential value in the wellness industry where changes & challenges happen frequently! 

I also love helping clients learn to let go of their limiting beliefs in order to allow & appreciate the process of change. I encourage clients to stay open to new ideas, to different paths in reaching their goals, and most importantly, allowing personal, physical and mindset growth.


This value is challenging and it takes practice, but it is so rewarding. ⁣

It’s respecting our body, our thoughts, our time, and our word. It’s being clear of what makes us happy and respecting our boundaries to avoid frequent habit or behaviour slips. It’s taking responsibility for our actions, it’s how we treat ourselves, and how we allow others to treat us. ⁣

At MOVEMINT I value: ⁣
✔️ Honesty⁣
✔️ Kindness⁣
✔️ Uniqueness⁣
✔️ Joy⁣
✔️ Confidence⁣
✔️ Well-being ⁣

Yes, self-respect is challenging and might never be perfect, but staying patient and consistent will help. It’s okay to feel like our lives are out of balance, but realizing that we’re responsible for how we act is important. If we choose to make certain unwanted behaviours a habit, we need to ask ourselves if we’re staying true to our goals and our values.


At MOVEMINT, I guide clients toward an adaptable


Our body and how we move need to be adaptable. We need strength & mobility for an optimal, sustainable quality of life. How well we move in different environments, or how well we respond to various demands put on our body, are important aspects of functional movement.

Our lifestyle also needs to be adaptable. I love helping clients spend less time trying to change their situations, and more time adjusting their expectations. Our life will constantly be filled with stressors, whether it’s work, social life, children, weather, the list goes on... and my goal is to help you adapt your goals to your environment. 

  • Sustainable & Healthy Lifestyle Habits

  • A Better Mobility & Full Body Strength

  • Mental Clarity & Productivity

  • Taking Control Of Your Health

  • A Better Control of Emotions in Stressful Situations

  • An Increase In Your Confidence

  • An Energized Quality Of Life

With my background in health & fitness, my specializations and my continuous growth as a coach, these are the three focus points of my business. 

I use exercise and consulting to help: 

Individuals find freedom of movement

Busy professionals find an exercise routine and sustainable lifestyle habits to fit and bring productivity to their schedule.

First responders and athletes get cutting edge fitness assessments to optimize their health and performance


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