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Wellness Services
I work closely with driven individuals who are ready to improve their health, take action but need guidance and clarity in reaching their goals.
Together, we create a tailored strategy to help you connect with your ideal lifestyle, move forward with actionable tools, and experience the freedom of being in control of your health.
Yoga Stretches
1 on 1 Training 

My goal is to help you create positive lifestyle & exercise habits to prevent the risk of burnout, injuries, and to improve your relationship with your health for long-term changes. 


Whether you’re new to exercise, living with pain/discomfort or looking to improve your habits, our unique individualized training approach will bring awareness to your current health situation, help you move well and move more. We’ll help you get stronger, have more energy and adapt your habits to achieve your wellness goals.

A tailored coaching program is ideal for driven individuals seeking clarity, continuous support, accountability as well as strategic & effective exercise programming. 

A great program to find the extra motivation and reach your goals!


  • Physical & lifestyle assessments

  • Combination of consultation & exercise session

  • Online accountability

  • Health plan tailored to your needs, objectives, physical condition and lifestyle


  • Starting at 100$/session

  • 12-week commitment

  • Flexibility for session frequency

  • Option for both virtual & in-person sessions

  • Service covered through most insurance plans

Runner Stretching Legs

This is the perfect option if you want to ask specific questions, begin a tailored exercise & habit change without committing to a full program.  

What you'll get: 

  • Customize programming to help you reach your goals, move away from muscular discomfort or pain

  • Assess your current physical & lifestyle habits to help you plan a tailored exercise routine 

  • Continued education and providing you with the right tools to design your wellness foundation

  • Actionable advice on mindset, accountability and time management to help you move forward

Investment: 150.00$

  • Consultation available online or in-person

  • Service covered through most insurance plans

1:1 training


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