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Wellness Foundation - Local Spotlight

In these unprecedented times, I hope you're staying safe and healthy. In the next few weeks, you will see wellness features of local professionals highlighting some steps they took or are currently taking for their wellbeing.

Each of us are dealing with personal responsibilities and day to day challenges. I hope that by sharing our experiences and how we choose to move forward, it will inspire you to become aware of your triggers and symptoms as well as value the benefit of your health.

I’ll start this weekly showcase with my experience.



My Triggers:

  • Workload (i.e. booking too many clients/week)

  • Saying yes to too many projects

  • Poorly prioritizing or organizing my time/schedule

  • Lack of sleep

My Warning Signs:


  • Headaches (Migraines)

  • Physical fatigue


  • Mental fog & low creativity

  • Self-doubt (i.e. lack of mindfulness)

Note: I might not be feeling all of those symptoms at the same time. However, when one or two emerge, I know I need to return to my foundation and make changes to my lifestyle before other symptoms accumulate.


My Action Steps:

  • Limit hours with clients (i.e. finding the right amount that works for my schedule & goals)

  • Plan & respect my schedule (i.e. daily & weekly schedule)

  • Daily movement

  • Daily recharge rituals

  • Sleep routine (AM and PM)

My Wellness Team:

Hormonal health (Migraines related)

  • Acupuncture (once every 2-3 months)

  • Nutrition (syncing certain foods with my cycle)

  • Flo - App. (tracks my symptoms & cycle)



  • Once every 4-5 months

  • I don't use a specific clinic or therapist, the last few times I went to the spa.


  • I don’t have a set frequency for sessions, but I book when needed.

Magalie Babineau !!

  • I'm so grateful for my sister and exercise partner. We rarely have the same objectives, but we show up together (2m space between us obviously or virtually...) and it helps with our accountability and commitment level.


Regarding my well-being, I honestly tend to keep it very simple.

  • Move with purpose every day. It makes a huge difference in my mood and energy level. I also vary the type of exercise and adjust the intensity depending on my workload, and at times, my monthly cycle.

  • I take the time to cook and prepare new recipes. I don't follow the calories in/calories out mindset. Instead, I focus on eating nutrient-dense food that fuels my body.

  • I continue to experiment with different daily recharge rituals to see which one is more effective for me.

I believe what helps me the most is I'm not putting any pressure on my goals (or health). I know my choices aren't perfect and I’m ok with that. It's not in my habits to engage in self-guilt, and if I do, I’m quick to notice it and adapt and if needed change my thoughts or actions to positive ones.

I know what's important for me. I perform regular check-ins, readjust my actions when needed, and I continually prioritize my health.

Hopefully, this series will help you realize your personal warning signs and adapt your responses in order to increase your awareness towards your precious health!

Kinesiologist, Women's Health, Wellness
Gabrielle Babineau, Kinesiologist

I work closely with driven individuals who are ready to improve their health, take action but need guidance and clarity in reaching their goals.

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