• Gabrielle Babineau

Wellness Foundation - Local Spotlight

In these unprecedented times, I hope you're staying safe and healthy. In the next few weeks, you will see wellness features of local professionals highlighting some steps they took or are currently taking for their wellbeing.

Each of us are dealing with personal responsibilities and day to day challenges. I hope that by sharing our experiences and how we choose to move forward, it will inspire you to become aware of your triggers and symptoms as well as value the benefit of your health.

I’ll start this weekly showcase with my experience.


My Triggers:

  • Workload (i.e. booking too many clients/week)

  • Saying yes to too many projects

  • Poorly prioritizing or organizing my time/schedule

  • Lack of sleep

My Warning Signs:


  • Headaches (Migraines)

  • Physical fatigue


  • Mental fog & low creativity

  • Self-doubt (i.e. lack of mindfulness)

Note: I might not be feeling all of those symptoms at the same time. How