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Postpartum self-love

I believe the first step to a positive and healthy postpartum recovery is acceptance. To accept and love your body. Appreciate all it’s been through these past months. If you take a moment to reflect upon this journey, it’s quite an impressive one. Nine months of pregnancy is no walk in the park. Women grow human beings inside their bodies, HUMAN BEINGS! This chapter in a woman’s life is often bombarded by information coming from every direction, physical feelings that may be confusing, and emotions that sometimes feel uncontrollable. It’s easy to get distracted, stressed, anxious, and confused. This is why it’s so important for your well being to be mindful. How you choose to move forward in the present moment is really key in being able to not only embrace motherhood, but also yourself. Be aware of your self-talk. Is it positive or negative? Remember that it’s easier to be hard on yourself then to be kind, gentle, and complimenting. Ask yourself these three questions:

1- What do you appreciate about your postpartum body?

2- What part of your journey so far makes you happy?

3- What made you laugh today?

In the first weeks postpartum, allow yourself to adjust to your new role of being a mother. Some days may be easier than others, and that’s OK. I always recommend doing something positive that makes you feel gooooood every. single. day. Is it taking a nap? A warm shower? A 10-min yoga session? If time (or baby) isn’t on your side, maybe listen to your favorite song, cave into a yummy craving, apply body lotion. Whatever it may be that generates a flow of positive endorphins through your whole body, do it! After a couple of weeks you’ll start to find your groove, things will fall into place and you’ll have settled into a routine (whatever that means). Meanwhile, enjoy the warm cuddles, the cozy naps, and the guilt free laziness. These couple of weeks may seem like a blur, but they will allow your mind and body to adjust, heal and grow.

Remember to take the time to just be… be in the moment, be a human, be loved, be happy, be sad, be confident, be proud, be present, be YOU.


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